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Robust Curriculum is Foundation of Best International School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur

Sri Chaitanya School is Best CBSE School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur headed straight toward significance by focusing on two objectives: scholastic and moral greatness. Education is basically planned to prepare an individual to be a fair and mindful worldwide resident. Sri Chaitanya School's Prospectus is stand-out, intended to assist students with prevailing with regards to getting into lofty IITs, NIITs, AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMD, Considered Colleges, and other different streams easily and solace.

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Building The Leaders Of Tomorrow

A child's development is believed to be at its zenith during the initial five years of life, as per logical review. Amongst the Top 10 schools in Pratap Nagar Jaipur, Sri Chaitanya have a significant impact in a child's psychological and actual improvement all through these early stages. Parents should practice intense watchfulness while going with this choice, since the primary schools that they decide for their children will enormously affect their children's future.

We trust in a mix of flawlessness and imagination

Dynamic Curriculum

  • To make concentrating on more agreeable by integrating things beyond the classroom
  • To work on a student's information and capacities bit by bit.
  • To meet the child's physical and mental requests; to give equivalent load to the child's intelligence level and close to home remainders; and to impart the appropriate kind of fitness for worldwide accomplishment
  • Utilizing inventive teaching draws near, lay out a concentrated discernment.

Fantastic Teaching Characteristics is our need

Our educators put an incredible accentuation on a child's general turn of events and really like to give numerous open doors to the youngster to become familiar with the fundamentals of life. We really bend over backward to lay out a cheerful and connecting with school climate in which the children might play and advance simultaneously.

Each student matters and we work almost too hard to help them

Since every child is exceptional, we give them the singular consideration they require. Our children are free to move toward us whenever of day and converse with us about anything they like.


Our primary educational plan structures the Main phase for formal showing the essentials OF Proficiency, Numeracyand ecological Investigations.


A refined character is a consequence of legitimate prepping. At Sri Chaitanya, we hope to teach the best virtues and social behavior, bringing about children with faultless person.

Educational plan

An abilities and exercises based approach shapes the foundation of our teaching system. Accentuation is placed on open talking, relational and relational abilities, and cooperation. Our committed employees follow a child-driven approach, giving children sufficient chances to learn and furthermore apply what they have realized. Weighty accentuation is given to comprehensive development, in this manner character building structures an essential piece of their education plan. With this, a solid groundwork is laid for students to continue and become worldwide achievers in whichever field they pick.


  • To make learning fun by presenting components past the four walls of the classroom
  • To foster information and abilities of a student in stages
  • To address both the physical and mental necessities of the child
  • To concentrate entirely on the knowledge and profound remainders of the child
  • To prompt the right sort of inclination for worldwide achievement
  • To make an engaged insight through interesting teaching strategies

Regular Interaction with parents for keeping up with straightforwardness

We are delighted to coordinate various exercises and gatherings for our children are all's parents. This assists us with bettering handle their point of view and the assumptions they have for their children. For both the teachers and the students in participation, an intelligent meeting among parents and educators makes the way for possibilities for development and success.

Our teaching technique is based on abilities and exercises based approach. Public talking, relational and relational abilities, and collaboration are undeniably worried. Our mindful teaching individuals utilize a child-focused approach, offering students a lot of chance to study and apply what they've realized. Since they put areas of strength for an on comprehensive turn of events, character improvement is a significant part of their educational arrangement. This lays a strong reason for students to proceed to make overall progress in whichever area they pick. So what are you waiting for, call now at best Primary school in Pratap Nagar Jaipur.

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Nursery to Grade VIIIth
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