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We everlastingly attempt to propose to our students with the most progressive learning experience. Being Best CBSE School in Sirsa, Sri Chaitanya School covers every one of the perspectives that can help with making understudy's life more satisfied. The school recently surfaced on the academic horizon in the year 1986 and inside a scope of 25 years continued to transform into Asia's greatest educational organization. The past over twenty years saw Sri Chaitanya introducing novel academic ventures that have helped students with entering the country's highest universities and establishments. How the Social event has changed the perspective towards preparing has been totally honorable.


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Each youngster is a blessing of God. In this way, it's the commitment of everyone to treat them with friendship and care. Sri Chaitanya has confidence in the same and follows the Star Children reasoning for its preprimary and senior wing.

The Right Outlook

Review have shown that most prominent psychological well-being of kids happens in its beginning phases. The Star Children approach ensures all pieces of your adolescent's improvement is managed warmth and love. In an unquestionably serious world, it pays to appreciate even a slight advantage. To deal with this need, we've embraced a procedure that strengthens the power of thinking and processing. The students in like manner have a fiery point of view toward learning and subsequently push forward towards progress.

Educational arrangement

Our educational arrangement is planned to focus in on language improvement, math capacities, data and humanities, general care, creative articulations and claims to fame, and music helping each youngster with cultivating a cleaned character at an energetic age.

Our Goals

  • Giving the right starting to up close and personal and informational turn of events
  • Making social dimensions
  • Delivering and keeping alive interest, an essential component for learning
  • Cultivating a sound disposition, social care, and conduct
  • Commencement of from one side of the planet to the other recognized learning draws near


We give close thought to the transportation of our students. With a naval force of transports with 40 seats each, we ensure every understudy gets comfortable seating during their trip. Our transports meet all the vital informal regulation standards and have completely pre-arranged drivers who manage pick-ups and drops on the consigned courses. We moreover have transport attenders who care for the students and manage visitor plans.


Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. Our libraries house a wide combination of books that suit the perusing levels of different age get-togethers.

The in-house library moreover becomes involved with driving public dailies and journals. We furthermore have a sound and video variety that can be used to raise classroom learning

Fun Club

An absence of balance between fun and serious activities will make an individual insane. At all of our associations, we engage a decent plan of work and play. Students are asked to experience the test and prize of sports through arranged programs at the school level.


Our games division is regulated by qualified and capable instructors who plan a games educational program that deals with mental strength, center, practical getting ready and coordination, essential and vital readiness and clearly, collaboration.

We lead a yearly between branch sports meet, close by various activities like games, bunch games, and indoor games.


Our special labs are a showing of our trust in learning by getting things done and making us TOP 10 Schools in Sirsa. From sensible tests to various activities, these labs advance an activity-based method for managing make learning truly strengthening.

Our lodgings are outfitted with all of the accommodations vital to offer students a pleasant and prepared remaining hopeful environment. From top of the line comfort to experienced trained professionals, we center around every perspective that helps the children in their sweeping improvement adventure.

"Sri Chaitanya Schools have transformed into an image of significant worth preparation and have been exceptionally productive in setting up the biggest number of students to join IlTs, Focuses, JIPMER and other head foundations of higher assessments. Sri Chaitanya has transformed into Best International Schools in Sirsa and is the greatest schooling establishment in Asia by fulfilling the cravings of lakhs of students and their people. The credit goes to the visionary bosses and the tentatively arranged Techno Educational program."

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Admission Incharge
+91 97820 51775
Classes From
Nursery to Grade IX & XIth
Sri Chaitanya School In collaboration with B.R Global 11 milestone,Morivala Hisar road,Sirsa 125055
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Address: Sri Chaitanya school
In collaboration with B.R Global 11 milestone, Morivala Hisar road, Sirsa 125055

Email: chandrabhansingh@srichaitanyaschool.net

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