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Sri Chaitanya School is Best CBSE School in Jodhpur went directly toward importance by zeroing in on two targets: educational and moral significance. Sri Chaitanya first surfaced on the academic horizon in the year 1986 and within a span of 38 years went on to become one of the pioneer educational group in India. The past two and a half decades witnessed Sri Chaitanya’s novel academic programs and teaching methods have helped students enter the nation's premier institutions. The manner in which the Group has transformed the outlook towards education has been nothing short of exemplary.

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Every kid havhastrinsic qualities that enable that individual to shimmer. Our capable staff gives the fundamental direction to convey these mysterious abilities to the surface, changing over the student into a viable individual. Sri Chaitanya School's Plan is stick out, expected to help students with winning concerning getting into elevated IITs, NIITs, AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMD, Thought about Universities, and other various streams effectively and comfort.

Building The Heads Of Tomorrow

A kid's improvement is accepted to be at its pinnacle during the underlying years of life, according to legitimate survey. Among the top 10 schools in Jodhpur, Sri Chaitanya have a huge effect in a kid's mental and genuine improvement all through these beginning phases. Guardians ought to rehearse extraordinary watchfulness while going with this decision, since the grade schools that they choose for their youngsters will massively influence their kids' future.

We confide in a blend of perfection and creative mind

  • To make focusing on more pleasing by incorporating things past the study hall
  • To deal with a student's data and limits one small step at a time.
  • To meet the youngster's physical and mental solicitations; to give comparable burden to the kid's insight level and near and dear remnants; and to confer the proper sort of qualification for overall achievement.
  • Using creative teaching moves close, spread out a concentrated insight.

Fabulous Teaching Qualities is our need

Our teachers put a fantastic emphasis on a kid's general new development and truly prefer to give various entryways to the youth to get comfortable with the basics of life. We truly strive to spread out a merry and associating with school environment in which the youngsters could play and progress all the while.

Every student matters and we endeavor to help them

Since each youngster is excellent, we give them the solitary thought they require. Our youngsters are allowed to advance toward us at whatever point of day and talk with us about anything they like.

Primary Education

Our essential educational arrangement structures the Fundamental stage for formal appearance the basics OF Capability, Numeracy and natural Examinations.


A refined person is a result of genuine preparing. At Sri Chaitanya, we desire to show the best ideals and social way of behaving, achieving kids with perfect individual.

Educational arrangement

A capacities and activities based approach shapes the groundwork of our teaching framework. Emphasis is put on open talking, social and social capacities, and collaboration. Our serious representatives follow a kid driven approach, allowing youngsters adequate opportunities to learn and besides apply what they have understood. Profound emphasis is given to complete turn of events, as such person building structures a fundamental piece of their education plan. With this, a strong basis is laid for students to proceed and become overall achievers in whichever field they pick.


  • 1.To make learning fun by introducing parts past the four walls of the homeroom
  • 2.To cultivate data and capacities of a student in stages
  • 3.To location both the physical and mental necessities of the youngster
  • 4.To focus completely on the information and significant remnants of the kid
  • 5.To brief the right kind of tendency for overall accomplishment
  • 6.To make a drew in understanding through fascinating teaching methodologies

Interaction with guardians for staying aware of straightforwardness

We are happy to facilitate different activities and social affairs for our kids' all's folks. This helps us with bettering handle their perspective and the suppositions they have for their kids. For both the educators and the students in support, a keen gathering among guardians and teachers clears the path for opportunities for improvement and achievement.

Our teaching strategy depends on a capacities and activities based approach. Public talking, social and social capacities, and joint effort are evidently stressed. Our careful teaching people use a youngster centred approach, offering students a great deal of opportunity to study and apply what they've understood. Since they put solid areas for an on thorough development, character improvement is a huge piece of their educational plan. This lays serious areas of strength for a for students to continue to gain by and large headway in whichever region they pick. So the thing are you hanging tight for, call now, Best International school in Jodhpur

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Nursery to Grade VIIIth
Sri Chaitanya School, Old Sardarsamand Road, near Judicial Academy, Jhalamand, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342013
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Address: Sri Chaitanya school, Old Sardarsamand Road, near Judicial Academy, Jhalamand, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342013

Email: chandrabhansingh@srichaitanyaschool.net

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