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Sri Chaitanya initially surfaced on the scholarly horizon in the year 1986 and inside a scope of 25 years continued to transform into Best CBSE School in Area 57 Gurgaon. The past over twenty years saw Sri Chaitanya introducing novel scholarly undertakings that have helped student with entering the country's highest designing and proven schools. How this educational establishment has changed the perspective towards tutoring has been totally admirable.The Primary, Secondary and High School curriculum incorporates the total capacity of the students and is painstakingly organized with 6 Pathways empowering the student to be 21st century pioneers.

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The leaders

Our organization's state of the art vision, confirmation and drive has enabled them to set new benchmarks, ultimately achieving a first rate educational system. Taking our coordinators' vision further, our gathering of young, dynamic, concluded pioneers continue preparing our neighborhood overall students, through procedures that are a surprising blend of customary and contemporary

Our Journey

Sri Chaitanya recently surfaced on the educational horizon in the year 1986 and inside a scope of 25 years continued to transform into Top 10 schools in 57 Gurgaon. The past north of twenty years saw Sri Chaitanya introducing novel academic activities that have helped students with entering the nation's head designing and clinical schools. How the Social affair has changed the perspective towards preparing has been totally estimable.


At Sri Chaitanya, we understand the meaning of comparable entryway and it reflects in the consistent rising in the degree of female representative

Character Headway

A reasonable person depends on the back of all over preparing. Being the future inhabitants of an alternate country, it is basic that these kids keep up with our rich social characteristics. We endeavor to foster these characteristics inside our overall students through friendly meets, workmanship challenges, music and dance competitions, and impressively more. At Sri Chaitanya, each youngster is given a phase to hone and update their gifts, seeking after them meanwhile with scholastics.

Focus on Program

At Sri Chaitanya, we have confidence in a quiet learning climate. Considering that, our educational plan is unequivocally expected to drop the load from students' shoulders, ensuring that learning is an astute, attracting process. One of a kind emphasis is put on strong and beguiling methodologies for guidance (our modernized learning drives are one such model) so students become instructed, inquisitive overall students.

Computerized Learning

To present one more time of world class guidance, Sri Chaitanya has taken on a development driven method for managing review and become the Best CBSE school in 57 Gurgaon. The schools have superseded course readings with famous tabs for students from class five to seven. This learning strategy not simply makes youngsters adept there of brain of advancement yet also lessen the stack of study materials to be conveyed reliably.

Character Building

A solid mind and body is a verifiable prerequisite for a productive life. Recollecting this, Sri Chaitanya gives its students a nutritious and in any event, eating routine. Beside this, the schools gloat about an in-house dispensary for constant clinical thought. Experienced experts visit the schools two times each day to deal with weakened youngsters. Light freehand exercises, sports, consideration and yoga are a central piece of our students' normal day to day presences, ensuring comprehensive prosperity.


Sri Chaitanya's sumptuous green grounds is truly eco-obliging. Scores of trees, completed nurseries, and above and beyond outside air make a tranquil climate around the schools. Inferable from a solid environment, the students are dynamic, sound and can perform at their best. Practices like stone climbing, traveling and climbing are embraced to help youngsters with being brought together with nature all through their school life.

Contemporary foundation

State of the art foundation and current comforts are a brand name of all Sri Chaitanya schools. Schools in each critical town and metropolitan networks have present day private grounds. A negligible portion of the surprising features consolidate open homes, huge and ultramodern eating passages, hotels with individual extra rooms, cooled study halls, full-time motel directors, and considerably more. The youngsters at the Sri Chaitanya, the Best International School in Sec 57 Gurgaon managed by a concerned and cautious director, whose course and l makes the kids feel good.


We need to focus in on the comprehensive improvement of each and every youngster, and to give them a high ground with the help of an expansive educational program and dynamic teaching methodology.

  • Ethics : The ability to isolate among great and terrible
  • Values : The original convictions and vibes of an individual
  • Ethics : The principles that describe conventional approach to acting
  • Decisive reasoning Systems : The capacity to decide inconvenient issues
  • Inspiring standpoint : The most essential indication of a sound preschool


We attempt to be the ideal aide for IIT-JEE competitors, while in like manner helping them with cultivating an overall perspective, with a particular interest with neighborhood. We prepare students for serious tests by giving through and through data on various subjects at a mostly level.

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Nursery to Grade VIIIth
Sri Chaitanya School, 5 Block, E Mayfield Garden, Sector-57, Samaspur, Gurugram, Haryana 122003
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Sector-57 Gurugram

Address: Sri Chaitanya School, 5 Block, E Mayfield Garden, Sector-57, Samaspur, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

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