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Sri Chaitanya originally surfaced on the academic skyline in the year 1986 and inside a range of 25 years proceeded to turn into Best CBSE School in Ajmer Road Jaipur. The beyond more than twenty years saw Sri Chaitanya presenting novel academic projects that have assisted student with entering the country's topmost engineering and medical schools. How this educational institution has changed the viewpoint towards schooling has been completely commendable.

The Primary, Secondary and High School curriculum includes the complete ability of the learners and is carefully coordinated with 6 Pathways enabling the student to be 21st century pioneers. Arranged with Core, Enhancement, Preliminary, Administration and Capability laying out an environment that urges the student to be the best version of themselves in their own entirety.

Ajmer Road Jaipur

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We try to be the perfect guide for IIT-JEE competitors, while likewise assisting them with fostering a worldwide point of view, with a distinct fascination with local area life. We get ready understudies for serious tests by giving top to bottom information on different subjects at a halfway level.


We want to zero in on the all encompassing improvement of every kid, and to give them an upper hand with the assistance of a broad curriculum and dynamic educating procedures.

  • Ethics : The capacity to segregate among good and bad
  • Values : The novel convictions and sensations of a person
  • Morals : The rules that characterize ordinary way of behaving
  • Critical thinking Strategies : The ability to determine troublesome issues
  • Uplifting outlook : The most noteworthy sign of a healthy preschool

The executives

Our administration's cutting edge vision, assurance and initiative has empowered them to set new benchmarks, eventually bringing about a top notch school system. Taking our organizers' vision further, our group of youthful, dynamic, decided pioneers keep on prepping our local area of worldwide students, through techniques that are a remarkable mix of traditional and contemporary

OUR Excursion

Sri Chaitanya previously surfaced on the scholastic skyline in the year 1986 and inside a range of 25 years proceeded to turn into Top 10 schools in Ajmer Road Jaipur. The beyond over twenty years saw Sri Chaitanya presenting novel scholastic projects that have assisted understudies with entering the country's head designing and clinical schools. How the Gathering has changed the viewpoint towards training has been completely commendable.


At Sri Chaitanya, we comprehend the significance of equivalent open door and it reflects in the steady ascent in the level of female employee

Character Advancement

A balanced character is based on the rear of all over preparing. Being the future residents of a different country, it is fundamental that these children maintain our rich social qualities. We attempt to develop these qualities inside our worldwide students through social meets, workmanship contests, music and dance rivalries, and considerably more. At Sri Chaitanya, each kid is given a stage to sharpen and upgrade their gifts, seeking after them all the while with scholastics.

Concentrate on Program

At Sri Chaitanya, we have faith in a calm learning environment. With that in mind, our curriculum is explicitly intended to take the weight off understudies' shoulders, guaranteeing that learning is an intelligent, drawing in process. Unique accentuation is placed on powerful and charming strategies for instruction (our computerized learning drives are one such model) so understudies become educated, curious worldwide students.

Digital Learning

To introduce another period of elite instruction, Sri Chaitanya has taken on an innovation driven way to deal with studies and become the Best primary school in Ajmer Road Jaipur. The schools have supplanted course readings with popular tabs for understudies from class five to seven. This learning method not just makes children adroit in that frame of mind of innovation yet additionally diminish the heap of study materials to be conveyed consistently.

We lead a yearly between branch sports meet, alongside different exercises like sports, group games, and indoor games.

Health Services

A healthy brain and body is an unquestionable requirement for a fruitful life. Remembering this, Sri Chaitanya gives its understudies a nutritious and even eating regimen. Aside from this, the schools brag of an in-house dispensary for nonstop clinical consideration. Experienced specialists visit the schools two times per day to take care of debilitated children. Light freehand activities, sports, contemplation and yoga are a fundamental piece of our understudies' regular daily existences, guaranteeing all encompassing wellbeing.

NATURE'S Pleasure

Sri Chaitanya's lavish green campus is genuinely eco-accommodating. Scores of trees, finished gardens, and more than adequate outside air make a serene environment around the schools. Inferable from a healthy climate, the understudies are dynamic, healthy and can perform at their best. Exercises like stone climbing, journeying and climbing are embraced to assist children with being unified with nature all through their school life.

Current CAMPUS

Cutting edge infrastructure and current conveniences are a brand name of all Sri Chaitanya schools. Schools in every significant town and urban communities have modern private campuses. A fraction of the remarkable highlights incorporate open residences, enormous and ultramodern eating corridors, inns with individual storage spaces, cooled classrooms, full-time inn superintendents, and substantially more. The children at the Sri Chaitanya, the Best international school in Ajmer Road Jaipur dealt with by a concerned and vigilant superintendent, whose direction and l causes the childrePn to feel comfortable.

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Nursery to Grade IXth and XIth
Sri Chaitanya School,Yojna Vishnu Vihar, Jagdish Puri, 200 Ft Bypass, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan
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Ajmer Road Jaipur

Address: Sri Chaitanya School,Yojna Vishnu Vihar, Jagdish Puri, 200 Ft Bypass, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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